Enid Blyton Books Summary

The Folk of the Faraway Tree

When a grumpy, spoilt, and curious young girl named Connie comes to stay she doesn’t believe in the faraway tree or anyone living in it, But Joe, Beth and Frannie do! Read on to find out what damage the faraway tree is experiencing and what kind of adventures Moonface, Saucepan, Joe, Beth, Frannie, Connie, Silky and the old angry pixie have in this wild, fantasy land in the enchanted wood. This book in particular is one of the ones I would highly recommend if you can’t get this then read some of the other books by Enid Blyton. This book features many lands like the land of tea parties, enchantments, nursery rhyme, know-alls, treats, secrets, Dame Snap and many, many more. The friends encounter many problems as people try to harm the tree. When Connie must leave she is sad that she may no longer stay with the children and see the faraway tree. The children and all of the people living in the faraway tree are glad she is now well behaved, obedient and has some manners and they too will miss her very much. When Connie returns she now not only believes but loves every bit of it!

!Editor’s Note!
A very good book, as always if it’s an Enid Blyton, you can trust it to be great!

Secret Seven Adventure

After the theft of a valuable pearl necklace at Milton Manor, the secret seven set off in search of clues. The usual snooping and sneaking ensues as The Secret Seven uncover more of the mystery! This book is the 2nd book in the secret seven series. The book before this wonderful tale is called “The Secret Seven”. The secret seven are Peter, Janet, Pam, Barbara, Jack, Colin and George. I enjoyed this book because of all the abstract and entertaining clues, and how they are put together to catch the thief. I can assure you that you won’t be able to put this book down once you start reading it. Other series by Enid Blyton include the Famous Five, Adventurous four and The Faraway Tree series.