The Metrics in an Internet Business

Acquisition. To get it, the way is to model the sales cycle of each client. In short, find out how to get each user based on my product: traffic, SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Analytics, etc.

  • Performance. I mean, that has to make the client for the user, such as registration.
  • Retention. It is necessary to measure and know when the only users of our site again.
  •  Monetization. It refers to all those actions we are going to allow the profitability of our business with respect to our users.
  • Reference. All users that you get through others, recommendations, customers, etc.

Additional other teams could also see at this point a useful guide to how to structure your measurements. They could learn to decide what data are interesting for every type of user, customer, and product. Also, to see if their ways of measuring are on track or whether, on the contrary, should consider improvements based on the advice of our expert Javier Megías.

The advantages of using the funnel are:

  • The obligation generates thinking about the flow of visitors to your site.
  • The need to establish is how you expect your business to your users.
  • See Conversion. It ie the ability to view the scalability to forecast.
  • All that said, we were devoted to highlighting key points of everything said so far. Some of these tips were:
  • The need to focus on product OPTIMZACIÓN with growth metrics before investing significant amounts in marketing

Activation and retention as an important part in determining the value metrics. Through email marketing actions for example.

  • More clicks, less sales. We must make it easier to purchase the product with the least possible time and clicks.
  • When in doubt about what we measure with special interest: how many people it gives me low, many customers turn, determine the average revenue per user.
  • VIRIAL coefficient. That is, to know what percentage of new users coming from viral therefore those achieved without specific marketing investments.
  • Find a balance between value of customer life cycle and the cost of acquiring them. The first should be at least twice the cost of acquisition for the company to be profitable. This is a model of revenue generation.
  • Do not forget that the mentioned cough evolves and is alive. We can not fail to measure, control, etc.
  • Do not forget that the main function is to SELL.